Odis Antone Little, founder of The Optimal Nutrition and Exercise System, services a wide range of clientele, at any level from little league to professional athletes, and anyone with a fitness goal in between. Over the years Odis has crafted innovative training methods proven to blend joint and core stability, flexibility, explosion, elasticity, speed, strength, and endurance to help his clients enhance their sports performance and become better resistant to injury. You don’t need to be an athlete to workout with Odis, and don’t be surprised when you start moving like one after a few months of his training.

Odis has trained several local Houston elite high school, collegiate, semi-pro, to all pro athlete’s during the off-season. Odis is a former multi-sport athlete, who played at a high level in high school football, basketball, and was a gold medalist in track and field. He loves sharing his ever-growing knowledge and wisdom while preparing young athletes to reach their fitness goals and athletic dreams!